Tissue for your Time

They say ‘life doesn’t go to plan’, and ‘love happens when your not looking for it’.

Well, it turns out they weren’t wrong.

But… what direction is a life to go in, when there was never a set plan to start with? And, what the heck is love anyways? Because if THIS is it, then my expectations were wayyy off.

It all came in the midst of a long term recurring promise to Jack,

I WILL finish the drawings for your book,

more specifically, on this occasion,


Fast forward a month or so to now and i’m once again perusing the gnarly depths of tinder. Striking up conversations with boys i have no intention of actually meeting. No intention of meeting= merely for the inability to pursue anything serious due to other commitments, i.e. I WILL NOT DATE ANYONE UNTIL I HAVE YOUR DRAWINGS DONE, JACK. Then there was Fitz.

Just another face in passing, to be honest. But… not entirely, there was something more to him, something about the look on his face. Heavy in the face, and by that I mean squarish, but not chiseled. Balding, or severely-thinning in the area on the top of his head. Cute face, big round eyes with a glimmer of life in them. ( jack tells me I use the word Cute incorrectly) and a smile that exudes comfort and strength.

To add to pile of reasons that this tinder match would inevitably become lost in the sea of faces and effortless “hi’s”, was that he didn’t even live in Mackay, rather in Airlie Beach, which is an hour and a half’s drive away. I have ignored many a cute boy, for the same exact reason. Yet, here we are.

“did you want to go see a movie, I’m going to be in town for the day and id like to finally meet you”

Apparently this wasn’t our first time matching.

“Thanks man, id actually really like to but am a bit tied up with things atm and was not really looking to date.”

“that’s okay. Who says we have to date anyways?”

He had me there. Although of course, if it was just sex we were looking for we would have been on grindr.

We agreed to just meet for coffee, in part, largely, because I wasn’t about to attempt explaining to Jack why i was out watching a movie with a guy from tinder when i WILL NOT DATE ANYONE UNTIL I FINISH YOUR DRAWINGS. Coffee seemed easy enough, besides, he’ll have gotten that out of his system once he meets me and realises im a social retard.

Long story short; ‘Just coffee’ became ‘lets hang out for the rest of the arvo, and wait for that movie to start’, despite the fact that the several hours of unaccounted for time would be fairly hard to explain when I got home. But fuck it, im a grown adult, and I actually could really do with cuddling a stranger at the back of a cinema.

While we had a couple of hours to kill, I suggested we go to the beach, he drove.

“nice car btw”

“thanks i’ve been saving up a while for it”

Hard worker, determined head on him. My boy pussy is getting very wet right now.

” i’ve almost got enough to a house, actually, I just haven’t decided where id want to buy.”

Wetter. Much wetter for the fact that I knew it would make Jack quite wet too. That’s probably an issue that it matters so much. but yeah. I submitted to his quips like a little girl. And flitted around him awkwardly, because I cannot keep it in my pants around someone mildly attractive, who is also interested in me.

Our first kiss was awkward on both parts, mainly on mine. lent up against that fence away from the beach. because ‘there were people’.

Long story short, just coffee turned into cuddle me i’m scared turned into lets make out in the parking lot/ slash back of your car.

and, yep now were dating. More specifically Facebook official dating. I know right.

but i’ll get more into that later.